About Us

Ukrainian National Federation of Quebec (UNFQ) is a registered non-for-profit organization located in Montreal, Quebec and is part of the wider UNF Canadian family.


Our mission is to be the leader in uniting, preserving, supporting, and developing the Ukrainian community, language, culture, and traditions on a non-sectarian basis.

Our Values

At the UNFQ:

  • We respect the dignity, rights, cultural traditions, and freedom of all people.
  • We believe in the fidelity to the Ukrainian heritage.
  • We believe in a strong multicultural Quebec.
  • We believe in collaborating with cultural organizations with shared values.
  • We believe in maintaining a strong relationship with the whole UNF family across Canada.

Board of Directors

President: Taras Kulish
Vice-President: Darya Naumova
Treasurer: Nestor Lewyckyj
Secretary: Tetyana Melnyk
Board Members: Tanya Bednarczyk, Petro Duszara, Julia Gnatyuk