About Us

Ukrainian National Federation of Quebec (UNFQ) is a registered non-for-profit organization located in Montreal, Quebec and is part of the wider UNF Canadian family.



A strong diaspora for a stronger Ukraine

Our mission is to be the leader in uniting, preserving, supporting, and developing the Ukrainian community, language, culture, and traditions on a non-sectarian basis.


At the UNFQ:

  • We respect the dignity, rights, cultural traditions, and freedom of all people.
  • We believe in the fidelity to the Ukrainian heritage.
  • We believe in a strong multicultural Quebec.
  • We believe in collaborating with cultural organizations with shared values.
  • We believe in maintaining a strong relationship with the whole UNF family across Canada.

Board of Directors

President: Katherine Smolynec
Vice-President: Julia Gnatyuk
Treasurer: Artem Luhovy
Secretary: Tetyana Voysovych
Board Members: Nestor Lewyckyj, Anna Lyakh, Yevgen Kravchenko