Montreal Ukrainian Wellness Program

We made this free program to help you and your family deal with the many stresses of having lived through the war and relocation to Canada.

We offer:

For any questions about the program, please contact us at [email protected].

The initiative is generously funded by the UNF Foundation and Canada Ukraine Foundation.

The program is relaunching after a summer break. Starting October 1, activities will take place at the Hall, in person, by registration only. We hope to see you there!

Our program takes place at Ukrainian National Federation of Quebec Hall located at 405 Fairmount Avenue West, Montreal, Quebec, H2V 4B4.

Dance Movement Therapy

In-Person (Adults)

Dance helps release blocked emotions through movement. No choreography or rhythm needed!

Led by a Ukrainian-speaking instructor, dance movement therapy is a session of unscripted movement where you move instead of talking to process emotion. Each session will involve moving to the sounds of music and performing simple movements to stretch the body and better manage stress and difficult emotions.

Parent Groups


Space for parents to share their experiences and discuss parenting, relationships with children, and adjsutment to schooling system in Quebec.

Discussions will be facilitated by a qualified instructor.

Children's Activities

In-Person (Children)

We invite children 4-9 years old to join creative activities at UNF. Come meet new friends, participate in arts-and-crafts, and have some fun.

In these sessions, children will learn to manage their emotions with the help of dancing, drawing, sculpting and developmental games. Classes are led in Ukrainian.

Activities For Teenagers


We invite teenagers (10-14 years old) to support group activities. At the heart of these groups is to help you have a fulfilling life and build strong and meaningful relationships. We want to help you transform any current challenges into an opportunity to become a stronger version of yourself.

The group will allow you to:

  • gain a community of peers
  • get to know yourself and your emotions a little better
  • learn to take care of yourself and nurture resilience

Support Groups


We understand that immigration to another country is not easy. And everyone needs support.

Here, you can talk to other people and a Ukrainian-speaking instructor who lived through the same experience about the stress of adjusting to life in Canada. Discussion topics will include:

  • how to adjust to life in Canada,
  • stress of finding a job,
  • how to deal with thoughts about the war,
  • and others.

All discussions in the group will be confidential.

Tai Chi


Tai Chi sessions will start in November. Follow this website for more information.

Tai chi is an art embracing the mind, body and spirit.

Come slow down with a trained tai chi master. This is a traditional Chinese practice that uses smooth movements — forms that flow from one to another like a slow dance. Due to the meditative component, tai chi helps fight stress, reduces anxiety and improves mood. It can also improve the health of the heart and lungs and improve increase bone density!

Individual and Group Psychotherapy

We partnered with the McGill Ukrainian Aid Initiative and RIVO to offer free psychotherapy in English, French, and Ukrainian to all newcomers.

You can read more about McGill Aid Initiative here

You can complete this form to request individual therapy.

Ask your family doctor to refer you to RIVO for specialized trauma therapy.